About Resilience

What is Raising Youth Resilience?

We are glad you asked! Here is a bit of information about us.

Who We Are

Raising Youth Resilience Inc. was founded on April 15, 2015. In attempt to answer the call of need from youth at-risk, Raising Youth Resilience manifested as a fulfilling solution to the troubling circumstances at-risk youth face today. Specializing in youth development, Raising Youth Resilience builds-up and raises resilience within the youth we serve by providing leadership and mentoring services.


Strategically enhancing the capabilities of youth by providing them with the empowerment and exposure needed to navigate through the risks of life.


Through leadership and mentoring, the initiative strives to be a catalyst for positive change for underrepresented youth and the communities they live in. The organization will create a movement that exposes youth to the experiences and approaches needed to shape decisions amidst the challenges they are faced with.

What We Do

We use a system thinking based approach to leverage the potential of our youth by assisting youth in need through leadership and mentoring services. We empower the youth we serve to reach back and help other youth in need. Raising Youth Resilience provides a platform for youth to further develop their leadership and mentoring capacity through association of our program design. Within our program design we create sustainable cycles of peer lead cohorts.